Exhibitions & Conferences

The first exhibitions and conferences are starting!

  • Vancouver, Oct 22-24, 2015. Exhibit ‘The Body Electric’, Conference organized by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, . More info here.
  • Bigorio, 28.11. 2015. Superhumains.ch: A ‚youthful‘ analysis of human enhancement, Séminaire de la Société Suisse d’Ethique Biomédicale, Bigorio (TI), 28.11.2015 Plus d’info ici.
  • Geneva, Dec 7, 2015. TEDGlobal workshop for TEDx organizers.
  • Toronto, Jan 7-10, 2016. Annual meeting of the ‘Society of Christian Ethics.
  • Geneva, June 2016. Brocher Foundation.
  • Sion, 2016.
  • Zurich, 2016. Center for Medical Humanities, University of Zurich.

If you are interested in exhibiting the work of superhumains.ch, please contact us!